Here are some questions you might have

Does Regional Center Marketplace negotiate the deal between the buyer and the seller?
No. Our company brings buyers and sellers together. Each party should have its own counsel in negotiating the purchase price and the terms of the purchase.

Yes. We have developed a comprehensive list of due diligence questions to help evaluate potential regional centers.

No, and it does not provide any legal services or advice, nor is any attorney-client relationship formed in connection with Regional Center Markelplace’s services. In the event that immigration legal services are required, Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP may be available to provide EB-5 immigration law advice and representation if retained by a client of Regional Center Marketplace.

The company charges a fixed fee, the amount of which varies depending on the sale price of the regional center. The fee is normally paid out of the seller’s proceeds, but the parties can negotiate to have the buyer pay some or all of the fee.

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